Sunday, 26 August 2012

im srry


lme x blogging kan??

srry r.ek pon x thu nk post apew

anyway,cmne aq leh post arini?? kan hri skoloh hri ni dmam skit,so x g skoloh r

anyway,back 2 the main event

tjuan aq btol2 nk blog ni

sbb... aq nk mnx maaf kat si die:-/

awk,sye mnx maaf sngt5,sye thu awk msih mrah kat sye tpi awk tahn

orng bg sumthing kat kte,kte patt trime je la

tp sye laen trus,sye pg mrah awk tnpe brfikir ape prasan awk

sye mnx maaf sesngt,lao awk mrah kat sye lg,sye x kn hlng,

mmg slah sye pn,tp sye nk awk thu,sye mmg sngt5 srry about yesterday

sye hrap awk dpat maafkan sye

smpai sni je la kot post sye

im really srry, Ayn Fathihah,my love,my heart,my blood,my life,the one that perfect my life

the one that is always by my side,the one that always support me,i will always love you~~

-with love-
-Farrith Lin-