Wednesday, 20 June 2012

im sorry :-/

ok,story time ._.

mareng aq g test JPJ and....i failed V_V

owh well,kesah pe?? o.o

pas2 mareng aq gdoh siket r ngan ayh aq,ngan mok aq pon hmpir nk gdoh

so,i want 2 say srry,espicially 2 you daddy :-/

i know its my fault but..i cant accept it,i juz cant

and aq nk mnx maaf ke ayn :'(

sye x mcj ngan awk smlm sbb tkot sye akn trmroh ke awk,sbb mmg mse 2 sye moody skit

so sye nk elak drpd 2 brlku

ble sye bce bomm awk pg tdi

sye rse sloh je,plz 4give me

i like 2 spend time with you,seriously

bt,it seems like i dont have the time,im always busy with my study,but i never 4get about you

kk la,aq nk g mndi,sme orng complaint bau bdan aq,trmsuk ayn -.-''

aq pon x thu gne nk settle bdan aq ni


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