Wednesday, 29 February 2012

control youre stress dude ._.

huhu,tdi lpas hbes band,g jmpe doctor,nk check tngn aq,doktor kte ni bkan sliuh,rtak or patah,jdi cam ni bcuz due 2 stress

fwck -.-'' nt again,mse aq f1/f2 aq dah kne,stress sngt smpai stu hri 2 aq x leh nk ttup mlut aq,otot kjang,lkat trus mlot aq,huhuhu mlu2 mse 2,so doktor sruh aq mkan blik ubt stress,fwck man -.- iaq bnci ubt 2 -.- stiap kli mkan akn ngantok nye,aq pon x thu npe,mybe bnyk sngt ddh kot :I,ubt ni function utk lmbk kan otot aq,so mmg akn lth r,xde energy,so still thinking,patt mkan ke x??? well this is the bad news,good news is aq x yh pkai cuff 2 XD yay!!! well actually bkan la bgos sngt,bse2 je -.-'' well nk mkan ubt n trus tdo,mmg mkan ubt ni tdo lena gle r,tkot esk x bngun dah JKJK o.o''

Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Sorry dear,for everything
i know im not perfect,im trying to be
i know you were hurt because i mentioned Khaliq in mylast post
i know you talk with your friend
i know im not supposed to ask about her but i just keep asking for the girl
well,honestly,i did jeaulous a little bit
i know she's just a friend

then,sorry for hurting you
im really really really sorry for what happened
i dont want to be with anybody else
i just wanna be with you
im totally happy to be with you
please get off your wrong thought that im not happy with you,please
farrah got her toungue slipped that you ask for Khaliq's number
oh shit, i know im not supposed to talk bout him again
but im telling you this,if you get me with him,ill certaintly gonna hate you
because you got me in pain
i could be happy by you on my side

'i want you to know
whatever happen to us in the future
theres a reason
because i love you'

now i know why send me this
now i know why you're moody on that evening
now i know why you did all this

just remember that ill always be happy with you
i dont want you to suffer with me
you'll find out that it's too much burdening,you wont be able to stand it
i just want you to know me as a happy ever after girl
a girl that smiles when she get sick
a girl that smile when she get hurt
a girl that smiles to hide her pain
 ni surat yng die bri ke aq mse hbes lthan band hri ni,lpas bce aq x thu nk ckap mnde
guess i was speechless,but now ill tell what i feel

im srry to
you said youre not perfect for me,actually its the other way around,im not perfect for you
and im trying my very 2 change it
about my friend,shes just a freind,nothing special 2 me,and if you did jealous a little
then that means you love me,bcuz you said it your self,if someone is jealous at theotherguy
its bcuz that someone loves that guy

and bout khaliq,its my fault,i shouldnt have been jealous of him,it was your past
and i have no right to interfere it,guess i love you so much,i know he's a good guy
and i've been trying 2 be better than him,or maybe the same rate as him,
mayb when i suddenly gave up,i think the only solution 2 make you happy is 2 make
you up togheter again,i didnt know it was a wrong dicision,and you said if i did that
youre gonna hate me,i never want you 2 hate me,i didnt know it will make you hate me,
i didnt know i will cause you so much pain,and im also happy by being by your side

the reason i send you that massage was really what you think,i cant hide it so ill juz
tell the truth and admit it

and after this,ill remeber this,and never let it repeated again
i dont want you 2 suffer alone,if its 2 heavy i want to burden it with you
i want 2 have memory with you,whether it is happy,sad, or even both,
i want that memory 2 be about the 2 of us
i do really want to know you as a happy ever after girl,i really do
you always smile when youre sick,hurt or in pain,to hide those feelings
i like that,but sometimes you have to tell me,maybe i can help you
eventhough im useless,i want you to tell me

 P/S : srry awk ea,nk tulis surat tulisan sye ni mcm taik -.-'' so tulis kat blog jela sng skit

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

make it right

arini,sume dh bcor,die dh thu yng aq,well,maybe,jelez ngan ex die -.-''  yea i know,its stupid,but i m stupid,i did nothing but only cause her pain :-/

damn,kli ni,i will definetly,make her happy,xde orng bleh hlang,i did nothing but gave pain 2 you,im srry :*(

hmmm,ayh aq dlu pnah pnggl aq 'child of misfortune' ble aq lg mmbsar,aq ingt nme 2 dah hlang,tp die dh tkor,dri child jdi 'boyfreind of misfortune' ksian ayn kne ad pkwe cm aq,tp die kte die happy ad ngan aq,thats wat ill do,make her happy,ill stay with her for as long as i can

awk jngn la nnges lg ek :-/ sye sdeh ble awk nngis,awk la orng yng sye x nk buad nngis,

tdi aq kte kpale dri sndri ngan stand,kuat plop 2,npe aq buad cam2?? krane aq nk bg aq ingt,jngn jdi cmni lg,
*dipetik mse 'the rock' ngan randy orton ckap mlayu

mne teh ais sye?? npe sye nk teh ais??? krane sye haus :P

dah lri plop dri topik -.-''

anyway,enough,i cant take it anymore,aq nk die happy,the only tears i want 2 see from her is the tears of joy
*ambk ayt ni dri crete fullmetal alchemist

sye mnx maaf bnyak awk,this time,ill definetely take good care of her,i wont let her cry again
if anyone gets in our way,i will not hesitate to take down that person...

Friday, 17 February 2012

decision made

aq dh buad kputusan aq,bnyk dah reason aq npe aq kne buad gni,aq x leh kbo pe die,lao x mg sume thu,aq x nk orng laen thu,tp lao aq nk capai bnde ni,aq kne ad tlong skit,so spe yng bleh tlong aq je bleh thu mnde motif aq sbenar,aq pon kne get stronger,not in physical,but mental,aq x than dh,stiap kli kpale aq tringt ke hri 2,mcm rplay sokmo,aq x leh lpe hri 2

p/s: ignore je post ni,sje nk release tension

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Its not the end yet

fuh!!! nseb baek,some of you may know,but some of you dont,but aq nk bgthu je

pda hri ahd bru2 ni,aq kne brigad ngan pksu aq ,brigad pe?? brigad kapel -.-''

so die sruh aq ptz :'( aq trpkse r ,lao kck aty mok aq,so mcj r,kbo ke ain,trpkse ptz :'(  mmg sdeh spnjng hri 2,smpai nk stdy kimia x msuk,tusion pon aq bleh trlupa,aq g tunas manja,tbe2 nmpk kat kotok koko krunch ad nme ain -.-'' dh gle ke pe?? huhuh
so next day 2 kbo r ke iwan ngan pdah,sume x cye,lak,asl aq nk tpu plop,pas2 kbo r ke atyn n the gng,still x cye,ble lme skit au,bru nk cye,kne mroh free sute -.-''

pas2 ble blik 2 aq dpat mcj dri aida(gne fon ain) sruh aq kpel mle ngan ain,hmmmm,aq mmg nk tp tkot,so mlam 2 pkir msok2,n dh make dicision

esk 2 sruh ammar tman,g jmpe die kat RSK,die pon nk ckap something kat aq,ingt ke pe die, die tnye aq ni *****ing lg ke?? huh?? ble plop??? lme dh aq brenti,so hbes die 2,aq plop tnye,mlamar die blik,mle2 die mcm x nk trime,so aq bkan  jnis ske pkse orng,so g ddk ngan ammar,pas2 die antar mcj,she said...YES!!! hahahaha dpat blik die huhu,so happy blik r,and now kte still a couple :P

p/s: aq ad prangai gle2 skit mse ari isnin 2,jngn tnye cmne prangai gle aq,mlu -.-'' huhuhu tp aq ttap dpat die blik

Thursday, 2 February 2012

goodbye my freind is hard to die :'(

hell ,yeah,drink it up,drink,drink it up,when so much....... eh2 nyanyi lgu 2 plop, tr carry overboard la plop -.-'''
huhu anyway aq nk kte bye kpade 3 orng gng aq yng akn prgi ke MRSM pengkalan cepa,bye bye ke firdaus,fahim and idham,ill miss you all :'( good luck kat si2,never give up,tnjuk skit kkuatan tepces skali :D ok aq nk tdo r,x thu ek pon nk wk mnde huhu,nyte2 yall......

happy berfday

happy birthday to you,happy birthday to you,happy birthday to bulat,happy birthday to you

yay arini befday bulat kte XD
jelez r 2 orng laen :P
nk tmpek gmbr die r kat post ni :P